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Catalogue Baby is a graphic novel about Myriam's years of trying to conceive a child as a single woman. It’s a journey rife in ups and downs, victories and tragedies, crazy-making moments, lonely wastelands, intense joys, and soul-challenging experiences.

Throughout her journey, Myriam has found that there are very few books that delve into the wide range of ways that elusive pregnancies and fetal loss happen and affect the people touched by them. The books that do exist, aren't necessarily easily accessible, often don't cover a wide range of experiences, and are usually strictly targeted towards the women (and their partners) struggling to start or grow a family, creating a kind of secret society to which the rest of the world is not privy and therefore has difficulty understanding and supporting in a safe, considerate way.

She wants to help break the silence and taboos surrounding the (non)discussion of a journey that can be extremely difficult. She wants to create a resource that people can use to feel less lonely in their struggle, and perhaps laugh through their tears.  

The book is an honest, compassionate, funny and devastating look into her journey. She wants to write it for the other women who have gone, are going, or will go through similar journeys. She wants to write it for their families and friends, acquaintances and neighbors, health-care providers and support networks so that they can get a glimpse into what their loved one might be going through, and what these women might or might not need from the people around them.